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Wellness Club

Lifetime guarantee on all treatments:


First time in healthcare history, we are offering a lifetime guarantee with all treatment with us to transform your life. We all are opting different method & pathy to treat diseases but sometimes after treatment, we get into same problem/disease because of busy life, wrong eating habits, wrong lifestyle, pollution, emotional conditions & so on. Therefore we have introduced wellness club to make healthcare affordable, trustable & risk free.

Benefits of wellness club membership:


After completion of the certain treatment course, if same problem persist you will get free medicines every month, online consultation with doctors, diet & lifestyle guidelines etc.
20% discount on any treatment or products.
20% discount on our seminar & courses.
Yearly one-time interaction with Dr. M. A. Chaudhary.
Enjoy risk free affordable healthcare for years. Renewable yearly at the cost of a cup of coffee.

How to avail lifetime guarantee benefit:


You need to pay a minimum 2500/- rupees for one year subscription of this service which is yearly renewable as long as you want.
Subscription charge must be paid at the time of enrollment for selected treatment program with following terms & condition.

Treatment plans which cover lifetime guarantee:

  • Valid on 3-6 months regular weight loss package, 2-4 months rapid weight loss package, 3-6 months super weight loss package.
  • Valid on 2-year thyroid care package, asthma package, leucoderma package, diabetes care package, psoriasis package.
  • Valid on 1-year hair loss package, PCOS package, Joint care package.
  • Valid on 6 months weight gain package.

Not valid for any treatment package 1-2 months.
Not available separately in any case.
Free medicines, consultations, diet & lifestyle advisory is meant to the only one treatment plan which is used & not for entire health issues.
Medicines will be given which is best suitable according to your condition which depends on our doctors only. It can not be done by one’s choice.
Wellness club membership valid for India only.

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